Aaron Mefford

Coder, Father, Photographer and Boater

Purple Meadow


Exceptional Software Architect

Having worked at companies that helped to build the Internet we have today, Aaron has a depth of knowledge built over many years of solving problems at scale. Experienced in Big Data, SAS, and Cloud services. Passionate about quality software and teaching others the trade.



A father of five devoted to building an enternal family. My children are God's greatest gift and lifes greatest challenge.



From working in a dark-room with his uncle, to his first photography course in high school, to taking pictures of his family and the world around, to sports photography, Aaron has built a deep passion for the art and finds great fulfillment in it's practice.

The World Around Us
Lake Powell Redrocks


Born in Utah, raised in California. Began programing on a TI99/4a at the age of 12 in BASIC. From BASIC to Pascal to C/C++ to Java to Perl to ASP/VBScript to ASP.net/C# to Python to Ruby finding value in each and using the right tool for the job. Began working professionally for Corel, then to Excite@Home has the Internet took hold. Later on to Freeservers, About.com and UnitedOnline. To New York Times and now at Define Media Group. An Eagle Scout. Served an LDS Mission in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Played paintball against the National Guard. Met my wife of 20+ years, at a dance club and married her 6-months later. Bought a WakeSetter, and became passionate about water sports.

Night Sky